LED Long Strip Planter Side Grow Light

  1. [Full Spectrum Growing lamp with High PPFD] GrowLED Olivia cute grow light efficiently promotes the photosynthesis of most plants with high PPFD for plants to grow better and faster. White light is more suitable to place the light in living area.[NO POTS INCLUDED]

  2. [Height Adjustable,Up to 2.7ft] The lighting part can be adjusted in height in order to provide the right amount of luminosity for each plant. Ensure your plant gets enough light.

  3. [8/12/16/24 hours Optional Automatic Timer]: 8/12/16/24 hours auto timer optional mode make sure the plants have enough time to do photosynthesis to grow faster and more convenient for users to set their perferable time.

  4. [Compatible for Most Planters with Flexible Angles] No matter small planter or large planter( thickness of edge < 0.78"), the smart clip makes the light can be fixed on the plant pot steadily. What's more, the angle (Clip 360°/light panel 180°)of the light can be adjusted according to your needs.

  5. [USB Port- 2 Optional Applications] This cute grow light is designed to make your plants grow well when where you live doesn't have much sunlight. The USB port can work with a power bank to keep the light on if you live in a condo which doesn't have many outlets. And there is an outlet nearby, you can also use your own 5V 2A adapter to make the light on.

  6. [Cute Minimal Design] A great solution for both desktop, countertop, and hanging planers. The indoor garden can be hung and inserted into a hanging planter for hanging plants to grow better.

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GrowLED Grow Light, Height Adjustable, 8/12/16H Optional Auto Timer, 5-Level Dimmable, Planter Mate, Herb Garden, Plant Light for Indoor Plants, Compatible for Most Plant Pots, UL Adapter Included.
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LED Long Strip Planter Side Grow Light
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