Frequently asked questions

Find solution on getting started with your GrowLED products

1 Is Mini Garden Window S' battery operated or is there a plug? How long is the plug?
Mini Garden Window S has a plug with it. The length of the cable is 69.69inch.
2 Does this Mini Garden Window S include pots? If so, what is the size?
Mini Garden Window S doesn't include the pots, so you can purchase pots you like online or offline. For the pot's size, the maximum diameter for the bottom 1.3 inches of the pot is 4.72 inches. The sum of all the diameters of the pots placed on the board of grow garden can not exceed 14.9 inches.
3What are the overall dimensions of our products?
Mini Garden Window S dimensions are:
16.5in x 5.5in x 11.4in / 42cm x 14cm x 29cm.(L x W x H)

Mini Garden Window Plus dimensions are:
18.9in x 8.39in x 15.75in / 48cm x 21.3cm x 40cm.(L x W x H)

LED Grow Par38:
4.76in x 5.08in / 12.1cm x 12.9cm.(D x H)

LED T8 Grow Tube:
1.14in x 47.17in / 2.9cm x 119.8cm.(D x H)
4How long does shipping and delivery take?
The estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days.
5What is the voltage or wattage of our products?
Mini Garden Window S works within a range of 100-240V.
Mini Garden Window Plus works within a range of 100-240V.
LED Grow Par38 works with120V.
LED T8 Grow Tube works within a range of 120-277V.