GrowLED LED Hydroponic Indoor Garden, Herb Garden, Kitchen Garden, Height Adjustable, Automatic Timer, 24V Low Safe Voltage, White
February 13, 2020
GrowLED 3.5 Inch Plastic Planters with Drainage, Modern Decorative Plant Pots for Indoor Plants, Square, White, Set of 4
February 14, 2020

GrowLED C Shape White Plant Grow Light LED Indoor Garden Light, with Timer Function, White


1. Plant grow promoter: Special designed full spectrum LED grow light promote the photosynthesis of most plants, grow better and faster. 4000K cool white makes it more comfortable to see the light.

2. Minimalist decoration style:Minimalist style design makes its usage more widely, can be a perfect decoration for kitchen, living room, bedroom, offices etc.

3. Grow Anything you like:Indoor grow garden is suitable for plants such as succulents, sweetgrass, mint, leavy vegetables, etc.

4. Automatic Smart Timer:LED indoor grow garden is automatically 16hours on and 8hours off, this mode make sure plants absorb enough light to do photosynthesis and enough time to rest. No worries for forgetting to turn the light off!

5. No flickers, eyes protect

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GrowLED Indoor Mini Garden C Shape Grow light is dedicated to use advanced LED technology to create greener life. Special spectrum designed for home using plant growing, making plants grow faster, making leaves stronger and more uniform, making flowers brighter and more beautiful. GrowLED mini garden attractive design is perfect for use in home, office, restaurant etc. In this series, GrowLED mini garden grow light add white light to make people more comfortable to see the light, so it’s perfect for people to put the light somewhere they can see as a truly portable mini garden. What’s more, GrowLED mini garden this time use automatic lighting system, 16 hours on and 8 hours off to give plant enough light for their growth, it’s time to not worry about the weather! Let’s make our life much greener!

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