GrowLED LED T8 – LED Grow Light Tube for Garden, Hydroponic, and Greenhouse – 18 Watts – Red/Blue Spectrum, Bypass Ballast, Direct Wire, UL Listed, Pack of 24
June 5, 2019
GrowLED I Shape Indoor Garden, Herb Garden, Kitchen Garden, Height Adjustable, Automatic Timer, White
February 13, 2020

GrowLED LED Umbrella Plant Grow Light, Herb Garden, Height Adjustable, Automatic Timer, 5V Low Safe Voltage, White


  1. Full Spectrum Plant Grow Promoter: GrowLED designed full spectrum LED grow umbrella light promotes the photosynthesis of most plants, grow better and faster. 4000K cool white makes it more suitable to see and to place in your indoor space.
  2. Height Adjustable: The lighting part can be adjusted in height in order to provide the right amount of luminosity for each plant. Ensure your plant gets enough light.
  3. Stylish Design:Got the inspiration from umbrella. Refine the function of umbrella. GrowLED umbrella is not only a plant light, but also a stylish decoration for any indoor space as long as there is pot with solid and socket nearby.
  4. Automatic Smart Timer: GrowLED Umbrella Plant Light is automatically 16hours on and 8hours off, this mode make sure plants absorb enough light to do photosynthesis and enough time to rest. No worries for forgetting to turn the light off!
  5. 2-Step Easy Installation: 2-Step installation, no tool required. Quite easy to assemble and use.

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Your baby plants’ bestie

Ever worried about your baby plants outside when in heavy rain or cold weather? Ever worried about your flower pot is too heavy to carry?

GrowLED umbrella plant light is your solution, your bestie to help you grow indoors. What‘s more, it’s also an ideal handy gift for birthday,

holidays and celebrations!

Full spectrum

Compared to a red & blue spectrum light, GrowLED Umbrella full spetrum plant light is more comfortable for people to see the light and thus more suitable to use in living area to help your plants grow and thrive regardless weather and seasons.

Easy to use

2-step easy installation-Just insert and plug in, then bob is your uncle. Please make sure your pot has soil so the telescopic rod can stand. What’s more, GrowLED umbrella plant light also has a 5ft long power cord for your convenience to plug in any socket nearby.

Built-in 16h on & 8h off automatic timer

Built-in automatic timer which is 16 hrs on & 8 hrs off, no need to remind yourself to turn it on and off when you are outside, this light will take care of it by itself. If you wanna reset the timer to change the cycle, you can take off the plug for 10s, then it will go into a new 16h on & 8h off cycle.

Height Adjustable

Promote your baby plants grow from seeding to mature. Just pick the height your plants love the most, feed them enough light to company them grow faster and better from then on.

5V Low Voltage UL Listed Adapter

5V low voltage UL Listed adapter makes GrowLED product safer to use. USB interface makes it can be suitable for any appliance also has USB interface with 5V 2A output.

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