Thinklux GrowLED PAR38 – LED Grow Light Bulb for Garden, Hydroponic, and Greenhouse – 16.5 Watts, 90 Watt Equal, Red/Blue Spectrum, Dimmable, 40┬░Beam Angle, IP55 Dustproof and Waterproof
June 7, 2013

GrowLED LED T8 – LED Grow Light Tube for Garden, Hydroponic, and Greenhouse – 18 Watts – Red/Blue Spectrum, Bypass Ballast, Direct Wire, UL Listed, Pack of 4

$129.99 $95.99

1. BLUE & RED SPECTRUM.Designed for germination, vegetative growth and flowering/fruiting.

2. ENERGY SAVING. LED technology helps save more than 40% of your lighting bill

3. GROW VERTICAL. Low heat output makes it suitble for commercial vertical farm or home planting.

4. EASY INSTALLATION. Bypass the ballast, power goes to LIVE end only.

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Thinklux GrowLED Tube light allows for the first time the ability to retrofit existing fluorescent tube light fixtures with energy efficient LED grow light technology. Works great for vertical farms! Ballast bypass install allows for retrofit of T8 or T12 fixtures quickly and easily. Ideal mix of red and blue spectrum for optimal plant growth. For use with existing fixture – bypass ballast and re-wire to single-end power. T8 fixtures requires non-shunted lamp holders (tombstones). Do not use with dimmers