Rectangle Self Watering Planter with Indicator, White


  1. PLANTS LIVE LONGER – The unique passive hydroponic action creates the perfect balance of root zone water and oxygen, allowing plants to grow healthier and flourish.
  2. SELF-WATERING – It’s self-watering! The handy water level indicator let’s you know when and how much to water you’re indoor herbs and house plants. Watering is reduced to weeks instead of days. Aquaphoric Planters work great for all plant types, flowers, herbs vegetables, tropical foliage, succulents and seed starting.
  3. ROOTS BREATHE, PLANTS FLOURISH – Simple design to make your plants get the right amount of water and space to grow better and faster.
  4. GREAT GARDENING GIFT – Houseplants and especially herbs are good for you, plus they look great. Why not give the power of plants to someone you care about? It’s easy to grow plants with an Aquaphoric planter. Anyone can do it.
Wanna grow some plants but worry about no time to take care of them? Especialy for watering your baby plants, you may forget it due to your busy schedule. With GrowLED self-watering planter, you can plant what you like from spring to winter. Once placed in our planters, your green pals can take care of themselves perfectly.
Minmalist Rectangle Self Watering Garden
Self watering garden is perfect for anywhere indoors and outdoors. With its practical and stylish design, it will be easy to decorate the kitchen as a window planter box or elegant and modern living room and become a new landscape in your apartment.
Modern living space is not a choice but a lifestyle, let’s go do indoor planting to turn your own home into a small, personal paradise in a just a few steps with a few selected planters. Discover the magic of planting.
Visible Water Level Indicater
Takes the guesswork out of watering, telling exactly when to refill the reservoir.
Separator Design
Forms the water reservoir in the bottom of the planter.
Drainage Plug
Break the hole in the bottom, remove the drain plug to allow rainwater to drain when used outdoors. Simply re-insert for use indoors.
Suitable For Various Plants
GrowLED window planter box began with a vision. Indoor space should be able to grow succulents, flowers, mini fruits, vegetables and herbs.
Plants have everything they need outdoors, such as sunlight, water and soil which is jam-packed with nutrients. Our intelligent watering system is inspired by nature, allow GrowLED to bring fresh green and magnificent blooms to any home to have a better living space which is close to nature. Our irrigation system follows the example by nature, simple, efficient and one of a kind to create the best possible conditions for opitimal growth.
Perfectly fit I-Shape Height Adjustable Indoor Garden
Portable, sleek, slender. GrowLED glossy self-watering planters blend into existing arrangements perfectly as decorative elements. Balcony, window, desk, and other places indoors or outdoors, just place it anywhere you want. No apartment should be without greens. With GrowLED planter, you will finally have time for yourself, your family, and friends as these planters will help you plants thrive indoors and outdoors from spring to winter, without any extra effort. It’s time for the watering can to take a break and relax on our sofa or anywhere you wanna go.
It’s really a nice gift for birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day etc, bring who you love and care a greener and better life, a new healthy lifestyle.‘’
Weight 1.54 kg
Dimensions 15.4 × 5.31 × 5.31 cm

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