LED Grow Light With Stand

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  1. 🌱 High Efficient Full Spectrum Grow Light: The Max. PPFD of this light is 854 umol/㎡/s, efficiently promote plants' growth.

  2. 🌱 Optimized Spectrum: Upgraded for Succulents to have better colors. It is also good for microgreens, vegetables, herbs, flowers and other plants.

  3. 🌱 2 Optional Installation Methods: Mounted on wall or place on desktop. Wall mounting kit is included in the package.

  4. 🌱 Scientific Built-in Timer: The automatic smart timer has the 16 hrs on & 8 hrs off cycle, it makes sure the plants can get enough time for Photosynthesis.

  5. 🌱 Angle Adjustable: Convenient and flexible to cover indoor plants in different directions to offer light for more plants with just 1 single plant light.

  6. 🌱 Easy Installation: Easy to assemble, no tool required.

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GrowLED Grow Light with Stand, Good for Succulents, Microgreens etc. Mounted option AvailableGrowLED 2 in 1 LED Grow Light with Stand
Ever worried about your wall plants indoors will be dying because of no enough light? Ever worried about your succulents' colors will be fading due to unprofessional spectrum? Ever hesitated to purchase a grow light with stand due to its big size which can not be placed on your window sill or other places in your small condo?
GrowLED angle adjustable plant grow light with stand is the solution to both wall plants and desktop plants, your bestie to help you grow indoors from seeds to harvest, seedlings to mature plants. What‘s more, it’s also an ideal handy gift for birthday, holidays and celebrations!High Efficient Grow Light with optional mouting installation.With Angle Adjustale and Smart Timer

  1. High PPFD Full Spectrum Grow Light and DLI: he optimized full spectrum LED grow light with 854 umol/㎡/s high PPFD and 16 hours turned on time to make sure plants get enough Daily Light Integral (DLI) to grow faster and stronger.
  2. CE/Reach/RoHS Certified & 2 Optional Ways to Install: The grow light with stand has passed CE/Reach/RoHS TUV test for safety use. What's more, this light has 2 optional ways to install, mounted on wall or placed on desktop or floor.
  3. Angle Adjustable & Scientific Built-in Auto Timer: Angle adjustable function makes it easier to adjust the angle of the light to cover more plants from different directions. The scientific accurate automatic built-in smart timer with 16 hrs on and 8 hrs off cycle is designed for plants to gain enough DLI for better growth.
  4. Suitable For Various Plants, Upgraded Mainly For Succulents: Suitable to grow various plants like succulents, microgreens, herbs, vegetables and fruits regardless of season and weather. You can easily grow from seeds with seed starters, seedlings, or you can buy plants from supermarket or offline stores, time to keep you room lively.

Grow light with stand with wide applicaitons, suitable for various plant pots, seed starter kitEasy to Harvest
Compatible with most desktop plant pots, wall planters, floor planters and hanging planters. Suitable to grow various plants like succulents, herbs, vegetables flowers and fruits. No matter you want to save your plants indoors to come back to life or wanna grow from seeds with seed starter tray, this light will be very helpful to make your plants more energetic with High PPFD and DLI.Plant grow light with stand with 2 optional easy installation methods

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LED Grow Light With Stand
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