LED Umbrella Grow Light

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  1. 🌱 Plant Grow Light with 3 Optional Spectrums: Take good care of your plants at different stages.

  2. 🌱 Height Adjustable: Up to 2.5ft, the light panel can be adjusted while plants grow taller.

  3. 🌱 4 Timer Modes: 8/12/16/24H optional timer modes. Meet different lighting time requirements of plants.

  4. 🌱 7ft Long Cord: Long cord makes the grow light can be easily used with hanging planter and socket which is not nearby.

  5. 🌱 USB Port & Adapter Available: The USB port can work with a power bank if there is not any outlet nearby, or you can use the included adapter.

  6. 🌱 Cute Design: Small size fits most planters to decorate your indoor space and take good care of your plants.

Style :
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Neo Mint Green
Pure Blue
Wood Pattern

GrowLED umbrella grow light, height adjustable, suitable for hanging planters and desktop planters.Your baby plants’ bestie
Ever worried about your baby plants outside when in heavy rain or cold weather? Ever worried about your flower pot is too heavy to carry? Ever worried about your hanging plants lack of sunlight? Or ever want to grow something but without an outlet nearby in a small condo?
GrowLED umbrella height adjustable plant grow light is your solution, your bestie to help you grow indoors. What‘s more, it’s also an ideal handy gift for birthday, holidays and celebrations!

GrowLED grow light with 4 optional  smart timer, dimmable height adjustable metal pole

Daily Light Integral (DLI) is measure of the number of photosynthetically active photons that you accumulate on a surface over a 24 hour period. It is a function of only two things:
1) the intensity of a light (measured in PPFD).
2) the duration that the light is active or turned on (measured in seconds).
DLI = PPFD X Turned On Time (hours/per day) X 0.0036

  1. 3 Ways to Light On & CE/Reach/RoHS Certified: The umbrella grow light has passed CE/Reach/RoHS TUV test for safety use. What's more, this light can be turned on with a 5V 2A adapter, power bank or a laptop with USB port. A UL adapter is included in the package with light, no need to buy one additionally.
  2. High PPFD Full Spectrum Grow Light and DLI: The optimized full spectrum LED grow light with 733 umol/㎡/s high PPFD and 16 hours turned on time to make sure plants get enough Daily Light Integral (DLI) to grow faster and stronger. Uniform light can also make plants get balanced light to grow better.
  3. Height Adjustable & 8/12/16/24H Optional Timer: Height adjustable function makes it easier for plants to get the right amount of light in the process of growth, and it can be up to 29.13". The 8/12/16/24H optional timer is designed for plants which require different lighting time.
  4. 10-level Dimmable & Easy to use: 3-step easy installation. Just make sure your pot has soil so the telescopic rod can stand. The 7ft long power cord for your convenience to plug in any socket nearby or you can simply use with power bank with the USB port on the cord. 10-level brightness makes it suit better for your needs.

Grow light with wide applications, work for hanging plants, desktop plants and large plantsEasy to Use & Harvest
3-Step installation, no tool required. So easy and efficient. Compatible with most desktop plant pots, floor planters and hanging planters. Suitable to grow various plants like herbs, vegetables flowers and fruits. No matter you want to save your plants indoors to come back to life or wanna grow from seeds, this light will be very helpful to make your plants more energetic with High PPFD and DLI.

Cute plant light for indoor area, easy to use, no need clips


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Question 1: When to adjust the light panel of height adjustable edition indoor garden?
Answer: Make the light panel at the lowest place of the light post when you start to germinate the seeds. And when the seedlings start growing
and get taller, then keep the light panel 1"-2" above the plants to make sure they get the right amount of light.
Question2: Is this good for 220V?
Answer: Yes, it's good for 220V, as the adapter we offered in package is for 100-240V, so it can both work in Europe and North America.
Question 3: I have my pothos in water could i put it there or no?
Answer: This plant light is not suitable for water, it needs to be inserted into the potting soil to fix it
Question 4: How high does it go?
Answer: The Max. height is 2.3ft.
Question 5: What is the wattage for these lights?
Answer: The grow light's wattage is 5W which is energy saving. It also comes with a UL adapter. If you don't have an outlet nearby, you can also
use a power bank to make the light on.
Question 6: How long is the cord?
Answer: The cord's length is 4.93 ft.
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