4-Pod Hydroponic Planter & Soils 2-Pack

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The convenient garden for growing herbs and flowers at home.
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  1. 8 Ready To Use Smart Soils Included: 2-3 months nutrients inside the smart soils, no need to mix liquid plant food. SGS Toxicity Test passed.

  2. Visual water level window: Excess water will be stored in the bottom layer, but the water can't exceed visual water level window;

  3. Self-watering: The handy water level indicator let you know when and how much to water your indoor herbs and house plants.

  4. Eco friendly PP material: Lightweight, sturdy PP material enables the planters to stand lots of wear and tear, works great around little kids or other pets.

  5. Roots Breath, Plants Flourish: Simple design to make your plants get the right amount of water and space to grow better and faster.

  6. Perfect Planter for Growled Indoor Garden: Dimension 8.86"X7.17"X3.25". 100% Suitable for GrowLED I shape basic indoor garden.

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Question 1: When to remove the domes of the hydroponic indoor garden?
Answer: Remove the transparent domes when the seedlings nearly touch the domes.
Question 2: How many seeds shall I plant per pod in the hydroponic indoor garden?
Answer: The quantity of seeds depends on the size of the seeds and the germination rate of the seeds. If the seeds are big and high germination rate,
then you can put only 1 or 2. If it's small and kinda low germination rate, then you should put 3-5 seeds. Please don’t forget to check the seed packet
for information regarding temperature and days to germination. Make sure the packed date of the seeds is as new as it can be. If the seeds are old,
they may not be able to be activated. After you get the seeds and use a few of them. It's better to keep seeds dry and cool. A temperature between
32° and 41°F is ideal, so your refrigerator can be a good place to store seeds.
Question 3: Does your hydroponic indoor garden come with seeds?
Answer: No, our product doesn't come with seeds. So you will need to purchase seeds from online or offline. Below are some information about where to buy.
(1). Homedepot. (Ferry morse, Burpee etc.)
(2). https://www.burpee.com/, this company starts selling seeds since 1881, you may also see this brand's seeds in homedepot.
(3). Some buy together products with our product on Amazon, or some are with high ratings with lots of reviews which may be helpful for you to choose
reliable seeds.
Question 4: What are these space lids in hydroponic indoor garden for?
Answer: The spacer lids are used to cover the holes you don’t want to grow anything or expand the distance between pods. These covers are also for inhibiting
algae growth.
Question 5: Shall I dump the water in the hydroponic indoor garden periodically?
Answer: No, we don't recommend you the dump the water periodically as the nutrients will be lost due to this.
Question 6: What's the frequency of adding water into the hydroponic indoor garden?
Answer: How frequently you are gonna add water depends on the environmental temperature, humidity, and the plants' status (if the seedlings are strong ang big).
Please kindly check below cases.
CASE A (Plants-Grow fast)
Environmental Temperature: 65℉- 75℉
Environmental Humidity: 50%-60%
Plants:Basil, Lettuce, Micro Tom Tomato etc.
Plants Feature: Grow fast, leaves are big
Watering Note:
1. 0-12 days : Only add water once. Add the water to the level at Min. mark when grow from seeds as seeds don't require much water at the beginning.
2. 12-25 days. Add water to Max. mark once per week usually. However, when the plants' leaves are very big like lettuce, then once per 3-7 days.
3. 25 days+: At this stage, usually the plants should be big, they need lots of water, so the frequency is once 3-7 days.
CASE B (Plants-Grow slow)
Environmental Temperature: 65℉- 75℉
Environmental Humidity: 50%-60%
Plants:Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Parsley, Dill, Mint etc.
Plants Feature: Grow slow at early stage , leaves are usually small
Watering Note:
1. 0-12 days : Only add water once. Add the water to the level at Min. mark when grow from seeds as seeds don't require much water at the beginning.
2. 12-25 days. Add water to Min. mark once per week usually. However, plants like Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, their leaves are very small, so they
don't need a lot of water as they are unable to absorb all and fast, too much water will kill the plants.
3. 25 days+: At this stage, usually the plants are kinda big, then you can add water to Max. mark, they need more water then ever before, so the frequency
can be once per week. All in all, to grow plant well, we will need to make sure they are grown under the suitable temperature and humidity. More water will
be required when leaves are getting more and bigger. Do not add too much water into the tank which will lower than the Max. water level mark on the
indicator or higher than the Min. water level mark ( blue area will be safe area when plants have 3-4 leaves) , or both will hurt the plants' growth.
Question 7: Can I transplant the plants in GrowLED hydroponic indoor garden?
Answer: Yes, you can transplant the plants. When you transplant, please take good care of the roots to take them out of the baskets and put the plants into
the pots you have. And you can purchase the soils with nutrients like pre-mixed houseplant potting soil mixtures that can be store-bought or you can mix your own.
Question 8: How do I get rid of algae and mold on my hydroponic indoor garden?
Answer: It may happen that there are white mold and green algae growing along with your plants. Algae occurs naturally and sometimes can grow in hydroponic
gardens or even in soils. Algae and mold are harmless to your plants so there is no need to worry. You may notice algae growing on the surface of the
smart soils in your GrowLED indoor garden. If it bothers you, simply scrape them off if they are too aggressive, and sprinkle some cinnamon powder on the
surface to absorb extra water as too much water will make algae and mold appear easily.
Question 9: How to clean my hydroponic indoor garden before starting a new garden?
Answer: 1) Remove any debris or dirt by rinsing the tank under water.
2) Soak the tank in three parts water and one part vinegar for 5 minutes. (This is a step to remove PYTHIUM )
3) Carefully use a rag to scrub the tank to clean away any stubborn dirt or deposits and rinse under cold water.
4) Allow the tank to air dry.
Question 10: The water level indicator was broken when I received mine. Is there a way to get a replacement?
Answer: Really sorry to hear that the indicator you received was broken, we can send you a new water level indicator for this case. Please kindly contact us via info@i-growled.com
to offer us your address for arranging the replacement. Sincerely apologize again for the inconvenience this brought you.
Question 11: What to do if the seeds grow in the air?
Answer: To solve this issue, we highly recommend you to take a little bit medium from the surface or side of the smart soils and drop them in the hole of the smart soil to cover the roots, once the seedlings are strong enough, the roots will go deeper into the smart soils.
4-Pod Hydroponic Planter & Soils 2-Pack
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